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About me:

Pam Arata Crichton

In December of 2019 I went to Los Barriles Mexico for a friend's 50th birthday. While there, I was completely charmed by the locals selling handmade macrame plant hangers on the beach. I brought one home to give to a friend as a gift and thought, this is something I would like to learn. Well, little did I know that only a few months later I would have the opportunity to learn a new skill. When Covid hit in March of 2020, I found myself with a lot of time and little to do. I have been a full time massage therapist since 1995. In 2020, I was unable to do the only work that I have known. I decided to buy myself some macrame cord and learn how to make plant hangers. Since the middle of 2020 I have been teaching myself how to make various macrame creations. I have given away macrame plant hangers, wall decor and wall hangings to most all of my friends and family. As the year 2022 winds down, I have decided that it is time to spread Pamacrame to a wider audience. Life post-Covid has returned to somewhat normal and I am now working again as a massage therapist. I still look forward to spending some quiet evenings sitting on the couch and knotting creations out of macrame cord. 

Please contact me if you are interested in buying yourself some Pamacrame. 

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